Omega Intelligent Solutions

We deliver a self-healing technology ecosystem constantly monitored and calibrated. smart buildings are enabled by the internet and devices to keep owners more comfortable, secure and connected. these systems require supporting and monitoring a wide range of useful applications such as improved energy efficiency, access control, automated lighting, hvac, wifi, audio, video, security and many more.
Omega is confidently brand agnostic. we are undeniably committed to using only the best products in each category. From the first iteration of our design to the last finishing touch, aace delivers the best integrated technology systems.

Who we are

Omega create and simplify technology solutions to help clients increase revenues without increasing overhead or operational expenses. We try to curate, integrate and manage the best functions of software and hardware in all solution that implement.

Our proprietary device and secret sauce that constantly evaluates our systems and obsessively fine tunes its function to make our customers’ needs always first.

Our team is very motivated and responsible for the project, we listen, we think, we design, we solve and deliver the whole solution to the client.


As regional leaders in optimized audio technology and audio systems we offer unsurpassed sound coverage, consistency and control throughout the audience, combining modern acoustic design with highly accurate forecasting and optimization software.

Audio System


We offer complete solutions for your spaces. Professional equipment and a very careful work in order to meet customer needs.

Only the Best

NEXT Audiocom is an audio brand that comprises 3 distinct product lines: installation, home audio and portable sound with European development and design, produced according to the highest European quality standards, using in its products the latest innovations in the market, being at the forefront of technology.

NEXT Audiocom stands out from the other brands on the market due to its ultra-light commercial structure, interactive e-commerce platform, technologically avant-garde products and innovative brand design.

Long-term solutions

A large number of businesses have managed to find solutions only at our company. This is the result of a tireless and demanding work. Planning and installing the right equipment makes it possible for our equipment to have a long life.


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